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101 things about myself

A 101 things about myself.
A work in progress.

1 I love my kids
2 I love my husband
3 I love my pets (2 dogs, fish and 2 rats)
4 I love to take photographs wherever I go
5 I love movies especially Dirty Dancing
6 I love creating
7 I can eat the same food, day-in-day-out and not get bored
8 I can listen to same song non-stop in loop for days and still enjoy it.
9 I can't live without access to my computer
10 If you strike the right chord with me, I can ramble on and on for hours
11 When I'm tensed, I like to take hot baths
12 I rate higher on nerdy and geek scale than on social scale
13 I don't like liers or cheaters
14 I love windows
15 I love making jewerlery
16 I prefer to tour a place that is sparsely crowded or non touriesty
17 If GOD asked me do you believe Angels? I would say 'Yes, my Mom'
18 I like to drink wine, blame that on my husband.
19 I love playing minecraft and Starcraft
20 I love the smell of the rain
21 I like to day dream
22 I am a coffee drinker
23 I love potatoe chips, salted in England and Regular in
24 I love convertables of all types.
25 If i could stay up all night i would!
26 I like to celebrate my birthdays.
27 I like to have BBQ's
28 I like to camp out under the stars
29 I like to create graphics and webpages in photoshop.
30 I love music of all sorts.
31 I love crayons and colouring with my grand daughter.
32 I like to recycle in hopes my grand daughter will live a longer happier life.
33 Cutting me off from my computer is the best way to torture me :)
34 I am not religious.
35 Usually, I don't tend to worry about what you think of me, unless you are someone very important in my life
36 I have few close friends
37 I hate ironing, but do it for my one true
38 Oasis is my favourite cold beverage.
39 I miss BBQ and Ketchup Chips.
40 Amongst flowers, I love the fragrance of Lilac the most
41 I like a neat-n-tidy bed
42 I love my jewerlery making books.
43 I detest dog-earing pages.
44 I like a clean and tidy house with nothing out of place.
45 I hate dusting.
46 I am very optimistic when i want to be
47 I'm am always learning new things
48 To me, there's no such thing as a Stupid Question
49 I believe You only see what you want to see
50 I have come to believe that no good deed goes unpunished
51 Smiles can work wonders
52 Purple color is my favorite. Followed by beige, brown, and black.
53 I love tigers eye jewerlery of all colours
54 I either forgive you in an instant, or never for the rest of my life. But either way you won't figure it out easily.
55 I'm not a loner, but from time to time I need some time alone
56 Body odor is a turn off to me
57 I think a lot about money, but I'm NOT money minded
58 I live thriftily, for most part
59 Lack of personal hygiene is another turn off
60 I love everything my husband cooks for me
61 I don't mind doing stupid reckless things with my close friends around
62 If I don't talk to you in a while, that doesn't mean I'm pissed off at you, and neither that I don't care for you.
63 People who don't know me think I'm shy. And people who do know me wish I were!
64 Most days i eat just dinner.
65 I can't go to bed without reading a page or two in my book
66 I love to collect Ty's or just teddy bears.
67 I can laugh alone (of course, not without a reason!)
68 I love to give be it presents or whatever.
69 Some days i like to just laze in my housecoat.
70 I like to cam with my friends and family over just typing in chat.
71 I love company but i hate cleaning up after
72 I love Luis Royo artwork the most.
73 I want to learn to use a sewing machine.
74 I love hot sunny weather.
75 I love to wear dresses as much as I can.
76 I need to lose weight.
77 I was baptized Catholic.
78 My beliefs are ever-evolving, and I'm open to - and curious about - yours.
79 I believe in Angels
80 Giving birth was the most beautiful experience I've ever had.
81 I host a minecraft server and its alot of work but the kids are well worth the work.
82 I have two kids, Charlet and Curtis.
83 I have two grand kids both girls.
84 I love to create graphics.
85 I love Ty's.
86 I sang The Last Farewell by Roger Whitticer in high school, and they put it in the local newspaper.
87 I think every day is a gift.
88 I don't take life for granted.
89 I'm a clean freak.
90 I love computers, its how i met my husband.
91 I don't wear makeup.
92 I got lazer surgery done on my eyes and i'm so happy i did.
93 I have no tattoos.
94 I hate to vote.
95 I am conscious about my body.
96 I have a Saab convertable.
97 To pass my drivers exam in Canada i did it on first go, in England it took me 7 tries.
98 I love to make jewerlery.
99 I love to rollarskate and miss it a lot.
100 I love riding bikes.
101 I love to dance.